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The following classes will be available in our Fall 2013 Brochure. 
The brochure will be mailed August 9 and registration will begin August 12.



Adults 18 & Over
Ready to get a new puppy or dog?  Or thinking about it in the future?  Invest an evening to help make this big decision easier!  We will discuss purebred, mixed breed and shelter/rescue dogs.  Avoid the heartbreak of puppy mills and learn what goes into getting just the right dog.  Contracts, health certificates and spotting a puppy mill.  An evening of insider information from a local dog show competitor, dog lover and trainer of 25 years.
Where: Parks & Recreation Office
When: Monday, Sept 16
Time: 7:00 pm– 8:30 pm
Cost: $50 (Oxford Res Sun $10)
Material Fee: $7
Code: 7027



Dogs 6 Months & Under
Want to be a Whisperer?  Your puppy needs a pack leader.  Learn how to avoid problems later by being a good leader now!  Julie Bennett is Michigan's only trainer to host and work with Cesar Millan, National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer."  Puppies will learn basic commands, good manners and socialization all while having fun!  FIRST NIGHT ONLY:  MEET AT 7:00 PM WITHOUT DOGS.  Bring proof of rabies shots if your puppy has had them.
Where: Daniel Axford Elem. School
When: Mondays,  Sept 23– Nov 4
Time: 6:30 pm– 7:20 pm
Cost: $100 (Oxford Res Sub $10)
Code: 7026



Dogs 6 Months & Over
You sure can teach an old or young dog new tricks!  Learn how to train your own dog with the help of Julie Bennett, Michigan's only trainer to host and work with Cesar Millan, National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer."  Basic obedience commands, good manners and socialization to create the Total Dog!!  FIRST NIGHT ONLY:  MEET AT 7:00 PM WITHOUT DOGS. Bring proof of rabies shots.
Where: Daniel Axford Elem. School
When: Mondays, Sept 23– Nov 4
Time: 7:30 pm– 8:20 pm
Cost: $100 (Oxford Res Sub $10)
Code: 7025
The following Classes are taught by Art of Life- 391 Mill St., Ortonville    (248) 627-4901



Adults 13 & Over        Min: 1  Max: 8
Learn the basics of knitting from casting on the first stitches to binding off to finish. Learn to correct mistakes and other techniques. Worsted weight (Med), light colored yarn and single point needles appx. Size #10 is needed for first class. Soon you will be ready to start your first project such as a scarf, purse, hat, or sweater. Please purchase supplies from Art of Life. 10% Student Class Supply Discount.
Time: 6:00 pm– 8:00 pm
Cost: $80 (Oxford Res Sub $10)
Session 1: Tues, Sept 3– Sept 24  Code: 5209
Session 2: Tues, Oct 1– Oct 22     Code: 5210
Session 3: Tues, Nov 5– Nov 26    Code: 5211



Adults 13 & Over       Min: 1 Max: 6
Learn to draw what you see through observation and practice. Still Life and Portrait will be discussed. The emphasis will be on shading and proportion. Students will need #2B pencil and 11x14 drawing pad for first class. Paper should be 60# or better suitable for graphite drawing. Please purchase supplies from Art of Life. 10% Student Class Supply Discount.
Cost:      $45 (Oxford Res Sub $10)
Session 1: Thurs, Sept 5– Sept 26
Time: 11:00 am– 12:00 pm    Code: 5212
Time: 6:00 pm– 7:00 pm    Code: 5213
Session 2: Thurs, Oct 3– Oct 24
Time: 11:00 am– 12:00 pm    Code: 5214
Time: 6:00 pm– 7:00 pm    Code: 5215
Session 3: Thurs, Nov 7– Nov 28
Time: 11:00 am– 12:00 pm    Code: 5216
Time: 6:00 pm– 7:00 pm    Code: 5217



Adults 15 & Over                         Min: 3  Max: 20
This course teaches the basic techniques of infant, child and adult CPR and use of an AED. Students also learn how to give first aid for choking for responsive adult, child and infant victims. This course teaches how to recognize the signs of four major emergencies: heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest and choking. A certification card is presented following successful completion of the class. Note for those requiring certification: It is the participant’s responsibility to verify this course meets their employer’s certification requirements.
Where: Parks & Recreation Office
Time: 6:30 pm– 8:30 pm
Cost: $55 (Oxford Residents Subtract $10)
Session 1: Monday, September 16      Code: 7001
Session 2: Monday, November 11      Code: 7002



Traditional ITF style Taekwon-Do, the Korean martial art of “Foot and Hand Training”. Building confidence through knowledge of self-defense and the tenets of traditional Taekwon-Do, (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit).

North Oakland Taekwon-Do with head instructor Gary Skarritt (3rd Dan Black Belt) and instructors Duane Grandy (2nd Dan Black Belt) and Christy Wellens (1st Dan Black Belt) are affiliates of Waterford Taekwon-Do. Uniforms and proper equipment will be available to purchase through instructors. Promotions (at an extra fee) will occur on-site during scheduled class sessions in association with Waterford Taekwon-Do, headed by Master Gorham (6th Dan Black Belt). Class size is limited to 50 students (15 for Little Dragons) to maintain optimal instructor to student ratio.

Please visit for additional information. Classes held at Daniel Axford Elementary School on Tuesdays & Thursdays. When Oxford Schools are closed, classes are cancelled. No Class Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 12 & 28, Dec 24, 26 & 31, Jan 2 & 14.


Children Grades K- 8
Our program combines two crucial courses into one, Sanchin-Ryu Karate & Self-Defense and Project: Secure Child (child safety).
  • Students will be trained with proven, age-appropriate techniques that are necessary for kids to protect themselves from attackers. 
  • This program is set in a fun, yet structured, environment which will give your child a positive outlook on learning a martial art. We focus on healthy attitudes vs. perfection!
  • Participants will achieve great self confidence and leadership through the physical techniques, mental strategies, drills and exercises they are lead through. 
  • Instructors hold a ranking of at least 1st Degree Black Belt and maintain a continual (bi-monthly) certification to ensure the highest level of quality for their students.
  • An ongoing course, where students have the opportunity to continue their education in the same location with no hidden fees!


A Parent AND Child program for ages 4 & Over
  • Set in a fun, non-competitive and informative atmosphere, this program allows parents to learn alongside their children.
  • Physical techniques will be instructed along with drills and exercise, to help you have a positive experience with your self defense education.
  • Sanchin-Ryu will teach you how to use your whole body, rather than just certain muscles groups, so size and stature are not an issue!



For Ages 14 & Over


  • Specifically designed to address personal-protection concerns, this program instructs a broad range of strikes, combinations, footwork and defense tactics.
  • Receive specialized training on how to deal with, get out of, and counter a multitude of grabs and attack scenarios.
  • Practicing many techniques and tactics will equip you with the confidence you need to defend yourself against any type of attacker.
  • Learn how to use the whole body for power, making the most of your size and strength (regardless of athletic ability).